All-Star Academics provides a Free, High-Level Curriculum taught by some of the most sought-out educators in your area. We facilitate academic, athletic, and life-skills workshops at no cost to the student.

Join us for our New Digital After School Program: All-Star Online!

Socially Distanced Learning

While we observe social distancing out of respect for the health of our students, teachers, and their families, we can now offer our fun, hands-on learning activities online! In addition to distance learning and socializing with your teacher and classmates, you'll have activities--and even snacks!--delivered to you at least once a month.

360° Lesson Plans & Activities

Enjoy teacher-led online games, enrichment activities, homework help, and even dance contests from the comfort of your home computer. Better yet, it's all free of charge for BRIDGE Housing residents. Your family and friends are welcome to join too!

Safe Monthly Set-up & Delivery

We will be on site at least once a month to deliver project materials, snacks, and flyers. Social distancing, masks, and superb sanitation will all be a big part of the process, and tables will only ever be set up outdoors at a safe distance from the leasing office. 

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